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The smell of daphne.

Flower of 'GINTYOUGE'

Nagata is filled with the smell of daphne.
While walking or while riding a bicycle, you find that the air had the smell of daphne.
However, the flower is not so conspicuous as its smell.
Although you are aware of the smell, you sometimes cannot find the flower.
In Nagata, there is no big house whose garden has gorgeous daphnes.
Daphnes in small flower pots and plastic buckets play the leading part.
Elderly people here grow plants and flowers in a tiny space in front of the house.
Each flower is not so big.
However, the smell of daphnes here and there is carried on the wind and fill the town.

Flower of 'GINTYOUGE'

It may be silly to try to find where the smell is coming from.
As variety of people lives here, the town is full of life.
Because the smell of daphnes flies on the wind and mixed, it is so sweet and rich.

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