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Hello! I am toach.

I was born in October,1960 in Nagata-ku, Kobe City, Japan. The earthquake which hit Kobe on January 17,1995was widely reported by the media throughout the world.
Nagata is one of the places which suffered the most serious damage. In Nagata, there is a large segregated neighborhood of the community whose families used to be outcasts.
I have grown up with the people who are oppressed in Japan. Discriminating and being discriminated, I have been living here in Nagata, and have learnt a lot of important things.
Since I was a college student, I have been working for various social problems. I have also started tackling the problem of nuclear power plants.
An accident happened in Mihama nuclear power plant where the microtube used in the system was broken. It is this accident that mode me deal with the problem of nuclear power plant.
I think that the problem of nuclear power plant in Japan is a kind of North-South problem. Here, all the power and the wealth are concentrated in big cities and I feel that all the contradictions found in this country are condensed into this problem.

Ikada race.

Nantoh-cho is the town which made a great impact on me. Nantoh-cho is a small fishermen's town.
For 31 years, the town has been resisting the pressure of the government as well as an electric power company and refusing to accept a nuclear power plant. Japan has a history of resistance to the rulers including "IKKI"(riot) and "UCHIKOWASHI"(attack on wealthy merchants). However, Japanese people seem to have completely forgotten this now, while I think that in Nantoh-cho, the history of resistance is still remembered.

I do not think, I can provide as much information in English as in Japanese.
But I am going to start with the story of Kobe after the earthquake. Please enjoy my column. Also, I would be happy if you would let me know your comment on my column, but make it in plain English.

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